About Us

Dr. Lalit Arora is. India’s leading Sales & Marketing . Digital Network Marketing Coach. Inspirational Speaker whose positive aura reflects even in the phrases he uses – no don’ts or can’t or won’t, only endless possibilities with the Self.

Founder & CEO of KW Academy of Excellence, Dr. Lalit Arora takes you on journeys into your inner self and makes you explore your hidden strengths. . In this fast-paced, stress-filled chaotic world, this Life Coach aims to be the island of needed change / transformation and enhance inner strength.

Dr. Lalit Arora is the right choice for transformation for Corporates and individuals. Entrepreneurs, Managers, Universities, benefited successfully from his services as a Corporate Trainer. He has an experience of 26 years in Network Marketing and has trained more than 35+ lakh people across India. His courses Digital Network marketing Blueprint and Digital Network Marketing Challenge is creating revolution in the Network Marketing industry.

Dr. Lalit’s holistic approach has also benefited athletes, corporate men and women, managers, entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life. He has a huge emotional intelligence understanding. He is trained in NLP and is also a Health and Wellness Coach.

He has conceptualized and conducted more than 2000 successful seminars, 2500+ webinars delivered speeches, appeared in multiple TV shows and has wide-ranging knowledge and expertise in everything from Self-Leadership to Health and Wellness.

The Approach:

India based Dr. Lalit Arora draws inspiration from his own setback-to-strength journey to help others walk the path of success and happiness. He knows change for the better is achievable and real.

Winner of International Excellence Award for Inspirational Speaker of the Year by Dr. Philp Kotler , Father of modern marketing Kotler impact, Dr. Lalit Arora is a nurturing teacher, a limit-pushing coach, a caring guide, and the most positive person who guides you to achieve all your dreams in life.

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